Seat System

Automotive Seat System

For an automotive seat, being safe and comfortable are essential. In addition to that, it has to respond flexibly to various cabin layouts depending on the car concept, and also has to have specific functions according to the role of the seat.
On the other hand, seat appearance is one of the main factors to determine the attractiveness of car's interior. As a sewing product, a beautifully made seat shows master craftsmanship skills.

Driver seat
It is the interface between the vehicle and the person. A driver seat should hold you in comfort.

Rear seat
It provides you a spacious seating surface and a comfortable space with useful amenities while you are on the move.
Passenger seat
It has to have the same level of performance as the driver seat has, but should be more comfortable.

Second seat
It has to have a seat arrangement system which improves the usability of the limited space in the car.セカンドシート
Third seat
It has to have both performances as a luggage room and a seat. It should be slim & compact.

Commercial vehicle seat
It is a seat for a professional vehicle which specializes in functionality and durability to meet specific usage.