Safety Technology

Testing and CAE

Our slogan is "Provide safety and security to customers!"

Seats are the closest car components to customers. For enjoyable driving, we evaluate and verify safety and comfort levels, and we have a mission to meet customer and market needs.

To assure safety, we have a state-of-the-art sled machine and address each country's strict assessment criteria. Safety regulations and confirmation methods/items of practicality vary depending on each model, so we need to understand not only each country's requirements but also each country's driving environment.

To improve comfort level, we evaluate and verify seating comfort and driving fatigue, and are working hard to realize the performance level that will satisfy customers. In order to evaluate comfort level, we conduct sensory evaluations, which require a high level of expertise.

There are two types of evaluation methods, evaluations on actual seats and virtual experiments on computers (CAE), and we make full use of each method's characteristics. The evaluations on actual seats are adopted for tests for regulations, verifications of practicality or sensory evaluations. CAE is adopted for verification by data and contributes to reduction of required time for development. We are now trying to expand the testing area that can be evaluated by CAE.