Mutual Respect
And Cooperation
Corporate Motto  Mutual Respect And Cooperation
What is important for human groups and relationships is to maintain "harmony,
To this end, he explained, it is important to have a spirit of compromise
Based on the teachings of the founder, Nobuyoshi Saito,
Build true partnerships based on trust with corporate stakeholders,
We will contribute to society through the development of our company's business.

About Company

Tachi-S was founded in 1954 and is now an independent seat manufacturer with more than 60 locations around the world.
Our strength is our integrated production system that handles the entire process from the beginning to the end of sheet production.

Philosophy, Business, and Strengths

About JOB

From planning and design of specifications, procurement of materials, prototyping, experimentation, production preparation, quality control, production and delivery. There are many different processes and many different types of jobs involved in sheet production.

About Working environment

Balancing work and personal life, career advancement, and global success.
Tachi-S is making every effort to ensure that our employees can work with a sense of fulfillment under the corporate motto of Mutual Respect And Cooperation.

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Application Guidelines

We will inform you of the recruitment requirements and FAQ regarding new graduate recruitment and mid-career recruitment.

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