Products and Monozukuri

As a leading Independent Seat Systems Supplier, we have been working diligently on various initiatives to manufacture a seating system that fulfills the highest level of comfort, functionality and safety, at a reasonable cost, with environmental countermeasures.
*Monozukuri: Manufacturing the best quality products safely from minimum resources (manpower/ material / machine / money) and deliver them to the customer on time.

Product Lineup

Seat System

From material selection to design development, we provide the services for any vehicle, brand, concept or function you need.

Manufacturing Technology

TACHI-S original and unique manufacturing technologies meet your needs.

R&D Capability

TACHI-S Monozukuri System

Every function works as one to achieve lean manufacturing.

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TACHI-S Spotlight

  • INTERVIEW Interview


    TACHI-S aims to contribute to developing mutually supportive society through assistance in activities such as sports.
  • SHOW Motor Show


    TACHI-S exhibits the latest automobile designs and technologies at every Tokyo Motorshow.


    TACHI-S has been developing side-by-side with the Japanese automobile industry throughout its history. Here is a brief history of TACHI-S products and technology that dates back for over half a century.